WIN Outsourcing Consult is striving to create business value for biotech, pharmaceutical companies and their CROs/Vendors by making outsourcing activities, collaborations and expertise more efficient while balancing critical timelines, data quality and study budgets. We do this by utilising our 25+ years of best practice R&D and outsourcing experience in the CRO and Pharmaceutical industry and we always offer customized services, solutions and advice fitted to each individual customer.

Have we made you wonder, if you can outsource more efficiently or take collaborations with your partners or clients to the next level?....Do you need a part-time outsourcing resource, educate your staff in how to properly manage your CRO/vendors?..... or did we just make you more curious of what outsourcing CRO/Pharma/Biotech best practices and governance are really all about? – if so, call or send us a line or two and let’s talk about your outsourcing challenges, future needs and new opportunities to work together.